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Supergirl by AnthonyFlowers2014
by AnthonyFlowers2014

My name is JamieDee and this is my review of your work in honest words. Vision: Ok, obviously the idea behind this is original as far a...

Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey

OK, now here's a picture worth a thousand words, but I'd rather keep it a miniumum of a short few. First, lets examine the impact(which...

RIP by SanetomoIjuin

Jamie Dee- Ok I'm gonna say from the start, thank you for having the thought that you and Kakashi looked alike cause Jesus bro you are ...

MK - Bloody Angels by xavor85
by xavor85

I love the way you've displayed each character in your own detail, however, don't take this the wrong way, I think next time add some b...



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Donations will contribute to the running of a SUPER GROUP!

Those who contribute with these amounts will be rewarded as listed:

5points-OC Close up head art(no color)

10points-OC Close up head art(color) or canon

20points-OC Full Body(no color) or canon

30andUp-OC Full Body(color) or canon


All contributors may request whatever they like to be drawn, however it will be done according to however much you have given.


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You are so awesome!!
Thu Feb 26, 2015, 8:57 AM
Dragon Ball Z X-Gods starts today! Random Art Feature!!!
Mon Nov 17, 2014, 1:59 AM
*xavor85 is awesome!!!!
Sun Jul 28, 2013, 5:11 AM


Grossest or Tragic Manga you've ever read..but you enjoyed it-what is it? 

2 deviants said Berserk
1 deviant said Elfen Lied
No deviants said Gantz
No deviants said 7 Seeds
No deviants said Cage of Eden
No deviants said Highschool of the Dead (thou not finished)




Dragon Ball Z X-3 special-Bollefe's Magic by J-BIRDSPRINGS
Dragon Ball Z X-3 special-Bollefe's Magic
original name: 「超サイヤ人 Bollefe !」
ブロリーの娘 !」

Name: Bollefe (Bo-Leaf-Fai)

age: 22

Bio: In HFIL a Saiyan was banished for eternity after being defeated on a planet falsely called "New Vegeta". His name was Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan. While in HFIL Broly vented a lot. Unfortunately, a woman of unknown origins or race happened to be near Broly or following him-feeling pity she decided to approach the wandering tyrant. Her mistake was forgetting where she were. Immediately Broly assaulted her viciously not stopping until he was sure he was satisfied. Then he walks away.

The woman of strange origin stares at the world around her-feeling like she's died all over again. She cries for what seemed like hours. Then she looked over herself to access the damage. It was bad. In her shock she hadn't realized she was deflowered. Somehow Broly knew what kind of creature she was-thou a different race she knew only hers and a saiyan could impregnate her kind. Saiyan...yes the tyrants that destroyed her world through war and greed. Thou, her people were no better, she felt rage  that she let herself be overtaken. She stood..but fell. What madness is this?! Her legs were broken during the beating and rape.

The woman let out a scream that shook the heaven! "Why me?!", she cried. All that heard her looked and laughed or frowned in pity or amusement. 

King Kai being tasked in his own mission to watch Broly and make sure he hadn't a chance to escape his fate saw this tragic encounter. Feeling pity King Kai asked Earths champions Krillin and Android 18 if they could gather the dragonballs belonging to Yon and send them his way. Hearing this Krillin chuckled but thought it must be important, so he called Buma to ask to borrow her radar. Unfortunately, a year hadn't passed yet so Krillin had to relay a waiting period to King Kai. 

King Kai sighed at the news. He didn't want to break any rules by breaking her out using instant transmission, thou tempting it was. Instead he waited a year. In that time the woman had her baby. Nameless it laid in her hands glowing with the life she didn't have anymore. Feeling grief as she protected the child daily from the Titan-like being that swarmed around HFIL as well the evil being beyond time that she feared were eyeing her baby in an attempt to steal her life-force.

One day the woman was confronted by Ize, Freeza's younger brother. He began to look at her suspiciously as he sensed a strange aura from her area. Seeing the baby Ize immediately knew what he could do. Return to life and destroy Gohan and his friends before they had a chance to fight back. He knew they couldn't breath in space or survive a planets aftermath. In an flash he picked up the baby-surprising the mother in the process. "I will be taking her life, but don't worry..she'll go to bliss", the ice lizard said coldly. He began his process while holding the mother at bey with his tail. She became furious and desperate. Clutching her handing in an odd pose she chanted words that seemed to indicate an ominous technique-Ize knew it. He dropped the child and lunged back. "You know my kind?", he gleamed frightened. "Yes", she says coldly still holding her pose. Without further word, Ize disappears leaving the mother in shock-happy her child lives still.


Krillin had gathered the dragonballs with the help of 18 and Bra. King Kai was relieved. He couldn't take watching the mother suffer anymore while trying to heal from her wounds-due to HFIL making healing slow if hurt. He immediately used a psychic-instant transmission to send the eight balls to his planet-King Kai's World. 

Quickly he asked the woman that he was ready to free her from HFIL...then he paused. What he saw brought anger and tears from his eyes. A sight in which brought attention to another far in the cosmos-Whis. On the ground in HFIL the woman lay in a ball taking kicks from hordes of demons trying to get their hands on the lively baby. In an attempt to show defiance the mother shouted-"Never, you'll never have this", she scorned bitterly coughing up blood as her world grew dark. She'd been tortured, raped, now they wanted to kill her baby-but no she wouldn't....then quite.

The woman died again.

She'd be brought back, but unfortunately slowly. Her lifeless body carried on her final task thou slumping grossly over the screaming child. Then, a flash. Whis appears a midst the chaos with tears flowing down his eyes. "Never have I seem such dishonor!", the god shouts in high divinity. "I will make sure you are disposed!!", and immediately in a giant bang the demons vanished. He gazed at the lifeless body and child. Picking up the baby he kissed her and the mother her replied-"Well done", as he kissed her bringing life back into her. "I'm bringing them too you King Kai", says Whis in a valiant tone. Quickly he flashed onto the small planet holding the two now sleeping bodies in his arms. Carefully placing them on the grass he vanished after giving power to the near dead infant. "Almost didn't realize this but you were fighting too", he replies just in time before vanishing.

King Kai looks down as Bubbles and Gregory placed sheets over their new guests. "This is terrible."

-18 years later

The baby had grown tremendously on a planet called Earth. Under the guidance of many brilliant fighters like Android 18 and Vegeta, Bollefe grew to become a kind and gentle giant of a woman. She became to love her home, but tragically somewhere in her heart she knows there is something missing...who she was as far as species is clear thanks to King Kai, but by her mother's request she'll never know who or where she truly comes from. All she knows is she's a survivor of a race of saiyans, yet she can't shake the feeling she's much more than a saiyan-thou do to her attitude she rarely cares, all she wants to do is be happy, nothing more.

favorite food: Turkey and Peaches

Sex: Female

Race: Half Saiyan/ ???
favorite food: Turkey and eggs...with an apple

favorite fruit: peaches

height: 6'2''

Sex: Female

Power: unknown

Light Yagami Gif "Let me know what you think. "
 "It's still in the amatuer stages, but soon I'll have it down-wish me luck!"

-more 2015 awesomeness to come!Sonic Running 

Next on to-do:
Ms Buu(updated)
Princess Pheonix(updated)
Next on my to-do:
Adult Bra(updated)
Ms Buu(updated)
Princess Pheonix(updated)
DBZX-3 SPECIAL Chiasa Mother Of Sarena-San by J-BIRDSPRINGS
DBZX-3 SPECIAL Chiasa Mother Of Sarena-San
Name: Chiasa

Age: unknown (but she's young by her world's standards)

Personality: Kind hearted but ruthless if provoked, talkative genius who can literally talk on anyone's level after learning their language (which takes 2 days for her).

Height: 8ft

Sex: Female

Race: Kameranian

Likes: Fruit, her daughter, Goku, Kameran, the Kameranians (the good ones anyway), Gohan (thou he's still getting used to having a mother that's gentle and rarely yells), Piccolo's ears.

Dislikes: Anything to do with pirates, rotten fruit and manners, Krillin (because she can sense death from his aura..HAHA!), Cooler, Demon King Dabura (She met him once while cultivating fruit from some planet. Rumor has it he spit on the ground near some rare fruit her people were gathering. In short he prevented them from having a fruit he'd clearly liked to the point no one else would have it.), Boss.

Power: Kameranian might (transforms into a demonish berserker with encased red eyes)! 
           Solar comet ( condensed light of pure energy that once fired expands rapidly and follows the enemy with intense speed. This move can be used as an artificial Sun for up to the caster's lifetime!)
           Kamehameha Volley (chanting the usual name of this move but instead of firing one straightforward or following beam of energy this attack is develop into multiple beams of devastating energy that follows the target! While using this move the caster holds the usual dragon claw stance but in following are several if not hundreds of deadly spirit wave ki blasts-use with caution: this move makes the user tired and recovery is at least 10min!)
           Spirited Combo (A rush of kicks, one harsh roundhouse kick, and a finish with a energy enveloped backspin kick to the chin or wherever the user is aiming. Once the last hit is connected the attacker can decide whether to detonate or launch the energy gathered into the foot...its said to be very effective against armored opponents!)
           Krazy Hair Attack ( This attack allows the user to literally use the hair as a weapon by slinging it wildly! If it touches, the opponent will be within a deathspawn of horror until the user gets tired or decides the opponent has had enough! Unknown to some thou-Kameranians are able to move their has as if it were a tail, so beware more than just the Kameranian body, but the hair as well! Only one Kameranian in existence is unable to do this trick (Sarena due to her being half Kameranian).

------------------------------------------------Chiasa's Story------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Somewhere deep in space is a planet known as Kameran. There was born Chiasa of the warrior/harvester planetarian race-the Kameranians. Here on Kameran the young girl grew for many of years learning of her people's ways and helping stand against its threats known as the space pirates. Several years after our world's encounter with the son of Frieza; Ize, Chiasa became pregnant with the the child of the Saiyan Goku whom she found sound training under the planet's singing trees (they actually get louder if you hit them..I'm guessing Goku found this out hehe). 

Due to certain incidents that took place before her daughter's birth, Chiasa has developed an on and off transformation of a (dare I say) hideous beast much like her daughter, but uncontrollable literally! Once on Earth while visiting her daughter, Chiasa was granted a wish to free her of the transformation-thou Sarena her daughter was unable to be freed due to her curse being a part of her being.

Before her death Chiasa left her planet Kameran and used the rest of her known time together with her daughter exploring the universe for surviving Saiyans.

--------------------------------------------Marrying Son Goku---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

On her planet those attracted to each other show permanent devotion by baring a child with their partner. While Goku is a saiyan, Kameranians are able to breed with any race similar to their biology (which is surprisingly similar to our, but very heightened in natural ability...they are born strong. The average Kameranian can keep up with a Super Saiyan 3, so the fact that there's pirates stronger sends red flags Goku's way once he arrives on Kameran). 

Once in love a kameranian is devoted till death-so upon hearing how Goku lost his wife she found great respect for Chi-Chi..thou she feels sad Goku never gave her more attention (information given by Bulma while helping her fix Vegeta's gravity room-Chiasa is very bright btw).
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Akb48
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: Anime and Youtube
  • Playing: DragonBallXenoverse
  • Eating: good food
  • Drinking: water and soda
Hola and Salutations! This is Jamie Dee otherwise known as J-Birdsprings coming to you with some hype that is WELL DESERVED! First, I'd like to say WHOOT for the week release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse which has been released since the 8th of Feb in Japan, recently the 22nd of Feb in North America on Consoles Next Gen Xbox One and PS4, and coming in 2 days to PC Steam and last gen consoles!

Ok, now let's get to the other hype-How to find "our" top players or supporters o the community and how You can join the growing list! First, buy Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Second, make your original character, but before you confirm it:

1.) Type in your name! ex. USERNAME
2.) add(score under-->) _ after your name with the words tshot! ex. BaileyJ_tshot

It doesn't have to be on every character, but this gets the word out on who's who as far as TOP supporters of Dragon Ball is concerned-basically the true community or familia if you will.
This process will be going on for the rest of the time Dragon Ball Xenoverse is live, so feel free to do this anytime you feel you're ready. Its not mandatory, just good clean fun and a way to join together our players in the DragonBall Community! If you don't want to be apart thats ok, you'll still be considered a supporter (cause you freak'n bought the game <hug>)! So, without further adue Dragon Ball Supporters alike here my call-give me your energy and let's save them all-SEE YOU IN GAME!

If you wish to find me in-game I will be on Steam (PC). I will post my user name followed by ( _tshot) here so you guys will be able to play with me. Let's enjoy ourselves heroes, we've been supporting DBZ for this long, let's not stop now!Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 

Shadow For Better info visit [link]


J-BIRDSPRINGS's Profile Picture
James Victor Williamson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Name: James( JamieDee ) Williamson

Location: Helena, Georgia

Basic Introduction: Hi or Sup, names' James Williamson but if you don't know me call me Jamie or Dee, and even if you do calling me James or Jamie won't kill you (ya dig). I enjoy Asian stuff so Anime etc. is my thing,, now don't get it twisted I'm one foot there and everything else here so music, girls, other things is so in my portfolio, so if you like to bang music I'm cool with that too, you like to act bad, just keep it to a point, I'm not one to slander my record, which is clean so I'd like to keep it that way.
If you're shy about meeting me, don't be I'm very much a gentleman ladies and as long as you're not afraid to chill then we're cool.

BE REAL , NO FAKERS PLEEEAASE!!!! I will ignore altogether. If you wanna know anything else that isn't written or known then ask me, like seriously if you ask a stupid question though, expect a really sarcastic answer. Don't be afraid XD#RealDude

Favorite Quotes: "Whatever Happens, Happens", "Familia", "Yep yep", "Got`um", "So there", "Never stray", "Stoked", " OK ", " Kay ", "Mmm",

Age: Was born Feb. 22nd 1995 (do the math, DeviantArt made a mistake on my age edit)

Interested in: Women

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