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My name is JamieDee and this is my review of your work in honest words. Vision: Ok, obviously the idea behind this is original as far a...

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OK, now here's a picture worth a thousand words, but I'd rather keep it a miniumum of a short few. First, lets examine the impact(which...

RIP by SanetomoIjuin

Jamie Dee- Ok I'm gonna say from the start, thank you for having the thought that you and Kakashi looked alike cause Jesus bro you are ...

MK - Bloody Angels by xavor85
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I love the way you've displayed each character in your own detail, however, don't take this the wrong way, I think next time add some b...



J-BIRDSPRINGS has started a donation pool!
215 / 4,900
Donations will contribute to the running of a SUPER GROUP!

Those who contribute with these amounts will be rewarded as listed:

100points- Full Body line art ( no color)

300points and Up- Full Body art (color)


All contributors may request whatever they like to be drawn (but one character per donor), however it will be done according to how much you have given.


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  • :icondahub:
    Donated Feb 13, 2015, 9:49:43 PM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Feb 8, 2015, 7:26:52 PM
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    Donated Feb 1, 2015, 8:56:34 PM


You are so awesome!!
Thu Feb 26, 2015, 8:57 AM
Dragon Ball Z X-Gods starts today! Random Art Feature!!!
Mon Nov 17, 2014, 1:59 AM
*xavor85 is awesome!!!!
Sun Jul 28, 2013, 5:11 AM


How many hours does it take for me to make an artwork? Guess- 

2 deviants said 2
1 deviant said 5
1 deviant said 13
No deviants said 9
No deviants said 22




How many hours does it take for me to make an artwork? Guess-
2 deviants said 2
1 deviant said 5
1 deviant said 13
No deviants said 9
No deviants said 22
Just finished a project (Whoot!)-now what -_-
DBZX-3 REMAKE Sabrina Decoded-LINE ART
Original Concept before Remake--->Sabrina DECODED (<---Once you see it you'll know why I remade it-now I can stop thinking about this disaster and move on to other projects of remasters of new concepts-BOOYA!)

Color Ver. and Info--->DBZX-3 REMAKE! Sabrina Decoded 
DBZX-3 REMAKE! Sabrina Decoded
Name: Sabrina

Age: 20'ish

Height: 7ft' 2''

Weight: Light actually :3

Personality: Unpredictable at times, clever, bipolar

Likes: Who knows

Dislikes: Being ordered around, Gohan's lack of respect towards Goku's teachings, spinach, going crazy

Star! Dragon Ball Z Xtreme-Second Cut Presents! SPECIAL REMAKE!: Bra and Sarena in- of Sabrina Decoded!

Why is she their greatest fusion? Simple. She's the fusion of the daughter of Goku, whom unlike her father has the wits of a tactician and the inhuman ability to adapt to any fighting situation; As well, she is the fusion of the daughter of Vegeta, whom inherited the mind of her brilliant mother, and after the tragic death of her brother trunks during the epic battle with Starman's general, she became cold, and unmerciful towards any threat that came before her homeworld. Sabrina is the absolute of absolute, and there is none that can match her strength or skill in combat by air or ground (unless their a God of some sort stronger than her father). Apart Sarena and Braleen are powerful, but together they are champion.

Fusion Personality: Sabrina's personality is shockingly cold. Though she resembles Sarena a bit facially, mentally she is Sarena and Bra on a bad day! Why? Due to the curse within Sarena, it makes it hard to control anger and aggression; so if Sabrina happens to be created by means of fighting, its usually time for whoever she's fighting to surrender or die...not trying! 
Warning: Sabrina is the exact opposite of her facial expressions at times and if pushed she will unless the Great HiHi(Baboon) transformation which will literally give her the power and unpredictability to do whatever comes to mind, whether warping reality to hit you or breaking you down molecule by molecule just by glaring power at you!

Fusion Power: Rainbow SSJ (A transformation of super saiyan botched by the great HiHi power. During this state the user's hair changes regularly from colors similar to whatever dominant color appears at the start of the power's ignition. The form is known to have significant changes as the user's power increases from one state to the next-this can be done by said user 6 times!)

Gothic Kamehameha (its name originates from its appearance as a black beam of cold light. Its created by gathering cursed energy and energy from any source you can be provided. Its effect reverse the bodies atoms then forces them to explode).

Small Spirit Bomb cluster (A literal spread of medium sized spirit bombs used much like Yamcha's Spirit Ball!)

Kai Kicks of Tragedy (A charged kick with dark forces energy within. If it hits the opponent will be corrupted and potentially lose their mind or succumb to comatose nightmares).

Krazy Final Banger (Combination Ki attack of Final Flash, Krazy Kamehame, and 4 compressed Big Bang Attacks! Once fired the attack spreads with tremendous force with great range and ghostly tone. The move was created by Sabrina while she fought space pirates and became overwhelmed by them. The move was so devastating the young hero could not bring herself to use it more than once due to its successful body count. Sabrina now uses this move in dire situations only and while sane).

Pros: As Sabrina, Sarena and Bra can literally pull of dream techniques or things thought impossible! Their power literally is ever extended thanks to their great wills-Saiyan and Kameranian! They are despite their attitude and merciless actions, good; so don't be shy to fight with them.

Cons: They possess the strongest transformation unknown to others around them called the Great HiHi curse, with it Sabrina can transform into a demon of fighting-if she resorts to it I suggest you resort to falling back until its over...FUCK WATCHING BECAUSE SHE FORGETS WHO HER FRIENDS ARE UNDER PURE RAGE!


Argentina -OC Pegasus Trotter Gif- 

Smiley for Momma--G EXTRA: Fusion can happen between different sex, species, even race! The qualifications however are:
1.) You must have power in sync with your partner-so if you don't have the power enough to equal in same, the fusion will fail and create something odd.

2.) You must dance on par with your partner. One slip of the finger or wrong footing from start to finish can fub everything and cancel it all together.

3.) Clear your mind and focus on the fusion, if your mind is clouded the fusion will result in a shortened and corrupted result.

4.) Decide on how much power you want to start with and make sure you and your partner hold that power until the fusion is done. Once fused you may tap into whatever well of energy you've obtained freely...for half an hourLlamas 'round the Clock 

5.) WARNING! A fusion is like a loaded gun with six bullets, know the reason why you've fused and successfully pull off ALL your abilities without wasting ANY KI, if you fail to heed this warning you will drain the time of your fusion BY HALF or 3 QUARTERS and might result in de-fusion!The timed fella ( Works ) 
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  • Listening to: Vocaloid 2015 music
  • Reading: Manga
  • Watching: Anime and Youtube
  • Playing: DragonBallXenoverse
  • Eating: good food
  • Drinking: water and soda
To show her that I am a true friend to her I re-posted this because she asked her true friends to do so. 

"Some people who are getting too fake here on DA. They only want posts, comments, or to see how many friends they can get. So let's see who will actually re-post this. This is a test to see who's paying attention. This is a test to see how many people in my friend list actually pay attention. Copy and re-post in your own bulletin Let's see who the true friends are... Re-post this if you are a friend... Don't reply... Just copy and paste this in a new journal as "Fake Friends.""

The post -->FAKE FRIENDS!!!


J-BIRDSPRINGS's Profile Picture
James Victor Williamson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Name: James Victor Williamson

Nickname: Jamie Dee/or J-Bird

Age: Born Feb.22 1995 (I'll let you calculate)

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 2in

Style of Art preferred: Any as long as I can make it out

Style used: Comic/ Digital/ Traditional/ Anime

Hobbies: Art/ photography/ music/ martial arts

Interests: God, Girls, Glory

Likes: Anything blue, water, wind, girls, cosplay, games, cereal

Dislikes: rudeness, cold, losing, break-ups, being sick

Quotes: "Mmm yeah..." , "whatever happens happens", "I'll do my best", "sway", "stoked",


Hi or Sup, names' James Williamson but if you don't know me call me Jamie or Dee, and even if you do calling me James or Jamie won't kill you (ya dig). I enjoy Asian stuff so Anime etc. is my thing,, now don't get it twisted I'm one foot there and everything else here so music, girls, other things is so in my portfolio, so if you like to bang music I'm cool with that too, you like to act bad, just keep it to a point, I'm not one to slander my record, which is clean so I'd like to keep it that way.

BE REAL WHEN YOU MEET ME, TLK TO ME, OR TEXT ME, NO FAKERS PLEEEAASE!!!! I will ignore or altogether block dissrespect. If you wanna know anything else that isn't written or known then ask me, like seriously if you ask a stupid question though, expect a really sarcastic answer

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hehe I'll do my best, btw do these girls have "real" names for when they're not fighting? If so tell me because I'm going to make up a fake background on ho they came to be (just for kicks). I think you'll be pleased with what I have in mind-I'll note you once they piece is done>chow
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