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You are so awesome!!
Thu Feb 26, 2015, 8:57 AM
Dragon Ball Z X-Gods starts today! Random Art Feature!!!
Mon Nov 17, 2014, 1:59 AM
*xavor85 is awesome!!!!
Sun Jul 28, 2013, 5:11 AM


Grossest or Tragic Manga you've ever read..but you enjoyed it-what is it? 

2 deviants said Berserk
1 deviant said Elfen Lied
No deviants said Gantz
No deviants said 7 Seeds
No deviants said Cage of Eden
No deviants said Highschool of the Dead (thou not finished)




DBZX-3 SPECIAL Chiasa Mother Of Sarena-San by J-BIRDSPRINGS
DBZX-3 SPECIAL Chiasa Mother Of Sarena-San
Name: Chiasa

Age: unknown (but she's young by her world's standards)

Personality: Kind hearted but ruthless if provoked, talkative genius who can literally talk on anyone's level after learning their language (which takes 2 days for her).

Height: 8ft

Sex: Female

Race: Kameranian

Likes: Fruit, her daughter, Goku, Kameran, the Kameranians (the good ones anyway), Gohan (thou he's still getting used to having a mother that's gentle and rarely yells), Piccolo's ears.

Dislikes: Anything to do with pirates, rotten fruit and manners, Krillin (because she can sense death from his aura..HAHA!), Cooler, Demon King Dabura (She met him once while cultivating fruit from some planet. Rumor has it he spit on the ground near some rare fruit her people were gathering. In short he prevented them from having a fruit he'd clearly liked to the point no one else would have it.), Boss.

Power: Kameranian might (transforms into a demonish berserker with encased red eyes)! 
           Solar comet ( condensed light of pure energy that once fired expands rapidly and follows the enemy with intense speed. This move can be used as an artificial Sun for up to the caster's lifetime!)
           Kamehameha Volley (chanting the usual name of this move but instead of firing one straightforward or following beam of energy this attack is develop into multiple beams of devastating energy that follows the target! While using this move the caster holds the usual dragon claw stance but in following are several if not hundreds of deadly spirit wave ki blasts-use with caution: this move makes the user tired and recovery is at least 10min!)
           Spirited Combo (A rush of kicks, one harsh roundhouse kick, and a finish with a energy enveloped backspin kick to the chin or wherever the user is aiming. Once the last hit is connected the attacker can decide whether to detonate or launch the energy gathered into the foot...its said to be very effective against armored opponents!)
           Krazy Hair Attack ( This attack allows the user to literally use the hair as a weapon by slinging it wildly! If it touches, the opponent will be within a deathspawn of horror until the user gets tired or decides the opponent has had enough! Unknown to some thou-Kameranians are able to move their has as if it were a tail, so beware more than just the Kameranian body, but the hair as well! Only one Kameranian in existence is unable to do this trick (Sarena due to her being half Kameranian).

------------------------------------------------Chiasa's Story------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Somewhere deep in space is a planet known as Kameran. There was born Chiasa of the warrior/harvester planetarian race-the Kameranians. Here on Kameran the young girl grew for many of years learning of her people's ways and helping stand against its threats known as the space pirates. Several years after our world's encounter with the son of Frieza; Ize, Chiasa became pregnant with the the child of the Saiyan Goku whom she found sound training under the planet's singing trees (they actually get louder if you hit them..I'm guessing Goku found this out hehe). 

Due to certain incidents that took place before her daughter's birth, Chiasa has developed an on and off transformation of a (dare I say) hideous beast much like her daughter, but uncontrollable literally! Once on Earth while visiting her daughter, Chiasa was granted a wish to free her of the transformation-thou Sarena her daughter was unable to be freed due to her curse being a part of her being.

Before her death Chiasa left her planet Kameran and used the rest of her known time together with her daughter exploring the universe for surviving Saiyans.

--------------------------------------------Marrying Son Goku---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

On her planet those attracted to each other show permanent devotion by baring a child with their partner. While Goku is a saiyan, Kameranians are able to breed with any race similar to their biology (which is surprisingly similar to our, but very heightened in natural ability...they are born strong. The average Kameranian can keep up with a Super Saiyan 3, so the fact that there's pirates stronger sends red flags Goku's way once he arrives on Kameran). 

Once in love a kameranian is devoted till death-so upon hearing how Goku lost his wife she found great respect for Chi-Chi..thou she feels sad Goku never gave her more attention (information given by Bulma while helping her fix Vegeta's gravity room-Chiasa is very bright btw).
Milk, Milk, Lemonade-this is where the magic's made :P
Sarena-San Daughter of Goku NEW LOOK by J-BIRDSPRINGS
Sarena-San Daughter of Goku NEW LOOK
-------------------------The Daughter of Goku--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
After training on her homeworld and absorbing its Sunlight, she's achieved her true prowess as a female fighter of Saiyan/Kameranian bloodline.

Her powers have increased dramatically after fighting with her father in training on Kameran. She has now mastered the power-pole as well other moves she'd created on her own as in her renowned KrazyKamehameha in which she uses a bit of her life force mixed with collected spirit energy (funny though, thanks to her curse her life force is really manipulated thru it instead of her inner life ki).

She as well can achieve levels higher than Super Saiyan 4, but unlike most saiyans she is burdened by a curse so she struggles to not have to push herself to that limit or be pushed, for it would cause great danger to her friends-for her transformation beyond ssj4 is more violent and unpredictable.

Transformations she's able to perform: SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3, SSJ4, HiHi(Baboon) Transformation Curse Mode, HiHi Full Body State(Giant Baboon Monster).

Moves She knows: Destructive Disk, Sun Gun(she absorbs sunlight and shoots it out of her finger literally like a gun, it sounds funny but she really uses it seriously-which means its deadly(I'll show it later.), Comet Cannon(she shoots darks energy from her hand, its in the shape of a blob that expands then retracts when the target is hit.), Kamehameha, KrazyKamehameha, SoulLight(She envelopes herself in empowering white rainbow like light that literally makes her stronger without even transforming, but once used she usually passes out for 30mins, it lasts an hour so if she uses it get it, its a 50/50 skill.) Dynamic Rush(she speeds forward rod in toe and swings it creatively and lively around her body like its orbiting her while she dragon dashes forward. She uses this against groups. Galick Gun(Vegeta taught her this to help her use Kamehameha technique.) Tien's Multi-Form(thou she is only able to master 3 forms.), Galactic Punch( she punches her opponent then sends every bit of energy she'd collected or has left in side them, and then rushes away and closes her fists, pulls them close, then apart blowing her opponent to oblivion-it sounds like alot but I promise you won't survive and its very quick. She only uses this in a last ditch effort.)

 Since becoming an Adult Sarena has grown tremendously due to her blood origins on Kameran(her people grow to at least 9ft, which is a rare height.)
Her height is NOT 9ft but she is pretty tall-somewhere around 7'1'', yeah its tall here but on Kameran she's short.
original Story of how she came to be
Age: 21
Sex: Female
Race: Half Saiyan, Half Kameranian

Bio: She was born on Kameran(I'll give a special illustration soon of the beautiful planet) its full of women and yes men are there too but on its moon, trust me the damn thing is huge.

The story of how she came too be is-Goku the main character of the DBZ age lost his wife and in a fit of rage for not being there too see her off Goku traveled in space to find a planet too give himself a sorta time-out and punish himself and also vow to never leave his family and friends again alone on Earth too train(unknowingly he broke his promise lol) Anyway he was thought too be dead so Krillan's wife #18 made a grave next too Chi-Chi to preserve his memory for future generations(which unfortunately she'll be around too see). As for who's left of the old Z-fighters its mostly Pan, Gohan, Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Bra(Goten and Uub were killed by Xior when he returned from HFIL so yeah) now as for the new heroes there is ALOT-Letty, McClain, Sarena etc, basically all Oc's are the new heroes of the untold stories of X and X-2.

Back to Sarena's backstory-Her mother met Goku under one of their singing trees, he was trying to meditate thru noise(which is very painful) and well he kinda got surprised when he opened his eyes and saw a huge woman sitting in from of him, she's 8ft tall and Blue with a well fit body due too the way her people in her position live, which on standards there-poor.(Ok, I will post a bunch of pics about this place and this story so try too imagine this stuff as best you can using my style, )

After awhile Goku fell for her, mostly due too she actually loved fighting with him and she could hold her own with his SSJ4 form, and note this is Goku well after AF so yeah that impressive-anyway while she was pregnant pirates raided her planet and actually bested Goku as he tried to fend them off , he struggled in SSJ5 until the boss of the pirates knocked him silly with an uppercut-Afterwards the boss targeted the civilians children and any unborn were too be killed. Goku thought it was strange that they'd target children until he took into account what Vegeta told him once when he was explaining how to conquer planets(basically Vegeta shared war stories). Noticing the dangers of the planet being lost like Vegeta, Goku unleashed a new form beyond SSJ5 as he accidentally tapped into both Saiyan and King God's Fists' at the same time, As he lashed out at several pirates one with magic aimed and blasted in his direction. Not noticing that if he dodged people would get hit, Goku's wife who happened to be hiding in the very area he was fighting was struck with a curse which backfired and became absored into her and Sons' unborn child. Out of rage thinking his new wife and child were dead he used a move called spirit calling and summoned the power of the living as well restless dead too use a new move called vengeful Spirit Wave(which he uses like a kamehameha but thrusts his hands upward as if shooting a rocket(the blast is black and green).

7months later Sarena was born, but near death due to absorbing magic too protect herself-in which she protected her mother as well, soon she recovered but Goku sensed an ominous spirit inside her, in which he tried using spirit calling to retrieve but to no avail-Now, Sarena fights as a tank alongside her father and new friends to protect those who can't protect themselves-unlike Gohan and Goten she follows gracefully behind her father's footsteps not once complaining!
She only tapped into her curse power once when she first became a SSJ, but it will be fully developed since she's an adult and NO it is not like Super Saiyan, its literally going too change her look farther than just her hair and eyes (picture a baboon and woman warrior mixed)!

-------------------------5 years forward-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

5 years have passed, during this time Goku successfully holds off the Pirates, but at a cost-quality time wasted away from his new family and previous. Furios he and his new wife travel together towards King Kai's Planet where they find a somewhat upset girl dressed in saiyan attire fighting and losing against a well versed Pikkon. Instantly she notices the two warriors closing in with instant transmission. At this time she wasn't as happy-go-lucky do to her saiyan nature taking more effect than her Kameranian traits. After apologizing and hugging her ( battered and bruised) Goku promises to never leave Sarena alone again, but to his surprise Sarena had achieved a power similar to Gohan's Super Saiyan and she was only 7! Soon she'd come to love her parents again and in tribute to her teachers she's graphed her costume after her mother and father. Soon she would grow older and unfortunately her father would pass with Vegeta in their final battle to decide who was the better. Left only with her new friends Bra, Ms. Buu (one of the new Buu race), and the reserved Bollefe daughter of Broly she travels the universe to find surviving saiyans and or beings hurt by tyrants and the like. Much has happened even causing the new fighter of our age to nearly die on Kameran against Boss to end her renewed assault on her old world. 

2 years later back on Earth Sarena once again faces hardships-a new threat is coming and she's going to need more than her friends...It's time for the new warriors to stand with her and face this Demon God! What happens next is up to ALL OF US!
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Hola and Salutations! This is Jamie Dee otherwise known as J-Birdsprings coming to you with some hype that is WELL DESERVED! First, I'd like to say WHOOT for the week release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse which has been released since the 8th of Feb in Japan, recently the 22nd of Feb in North America on Consoles Next Gen Xbox One and PS4, and coming in 2 days to PC Steam and last gen consoles!

Ok, now let's get to the other hype-How to find "our" top players or supporters o the community and how You can join the growing list! First, buy Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Second, make your original character, but before you confirm it:

1.) Type in your name! ex. USERNAME
2.) add(score under-->) _ after your name with the words tshot! ex. BaileyJ_tshot

It doesn't have to be on every character, but this gets the word out on who's who as far as TOP supporters of Dragon Ball is concerned-basically the true community or familia if you will.
This process will be going on for the rest of the time Dragon Ball Xenoverse is live, so feel free to do this anytime you feel you're ready. Its not mandatory, just good clean fun and a way to join together our players in the DragonBall Community! If you don't want to be apart thats ok, you'll still be considered a supporter (cause you freak'n bought the game <hug>)! So, without further adue Dragon Ball Supporters alike here my call-give me your energy and let's save them all-SEE YOU IN GAME!

If you wish to find me in-game I will be on Steam (PC). I will post my user name followed by ( _tshot) here so you guys will be able to play with me. Let's enjoy ourselves heroes, we've been supporting DBZ for this long, let's not stop now!Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 

Shadow For Better info visit [link]


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