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Supergirl by AnthonyFlowers2014
by AnthonyFlowers2014

My name is JamieDee and this is my review of your work in honest words. Vision: Ok, obviously the idea behind this is original as far a...

Movie Night by FlyingRabbitMonkey

OK, now here's a picture worth a thousand words, but I'd rather keep it a miniumum of a short few. First, lets examine the impact(which...

RIP by SanetomoIjuin

Jamie Dee- Ok I'm gonna say from the start, thank you for having the thought that you and Kakashi looked alike cause Jesus bro you are ...

MK - Bloody Angels by xavor85
by xavor85

I love the way you've displayed each character in your own detail, however, don't take this the wrong way, I think next time add some b...



J-BIRDSPRINGS has started a donation pool!
215 / 4,900
Donations will contribute to the running of a SUPER GROUP!

Those who contribute with these amounts will be rewarded as listed:

100points- Full Body line art ( no color)

300points and Up- Full Body art (color)


All contributors may request whatever they like to be drawn (but one character per donor), however it will be done according to how much you have given.


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  • :icondahub:
    Donated Feb 13, 2015, 9:49:43 PM
  • :icondahub:
    Donated Feb 8, 2015, 7:26:52 PM
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    Donated Feb 1, 2015, 8:56:34 PM


You are so awesome!!
Thu Feb 26, 2015, 8:57 AM
Dragon Ball Z X-Gods starts today! Random Art Feature!!!
Mon Nov 17, 2014, 1:59 AM
*xavor85 is awesome!!!!
Sun Jul 28, 2013, 5:11 AM


Grossest or Tragic Manga you've ever read..but you enjoyed it-what is it? 

2 deviants said Elfen Lied
2 deviants said Berserk
No deviants said Gantz
No deviants said 7 Seeds
No deviants said Cage of Eden
No deviants said Highschool of the Dead (thou not finished)




DBZX-3 SPECIAL-Sarena's Great HiHi Transformation by J-BIRDSPRINGS
DBZX-3 SPECIAL-Sarena's Great HiHi Transformation
True Title: "Hihi Henkan!"

Character: Sarena-San Forever Poster by J-BIRDSPRINGS 

Description: Instead of ascending to a SSJ5 Sarena's power accidentally taps into her latent curse and reveals her true nature, a dark curse given to her as a child called-the Great Baboon of the Void! Unlike the great ape transformation this transformation allows Sarena to easily control her  Hihi state without losing her regular body.

Skills: All of her previous abilities are able too become greatly pressured with Ki force than her usual forms SSJ3 and SSJ4. In her Hihi state she is able to grow pieces of her body to match the force or width of her foe. 

Power: Krazy Kamehame barrage-she literally fires off kamehamehas like they're ki blasts!
           Marking Bait-she maks you with a scent that forbids your escape wherever you go! The scent is so potent not even water can rid the opponent of its scent which surprisingly can't be smelled by anything other than Sarena or animals with great noses!
           Deadly Rush-she attacks the opponent with no sense of mercy biting, clawing, and throwing them until she forgets why or becomes bored! This move is considered unpredictable because it just happens, but beware-the bark in which she screams in the opponent's ears while holding them to the ground.
           Enraged head bash-she literally bashes your head with hers until it affects her. A rather simple move but it can't be blocked due to her usually hugged the opponent and unleashing this move-repeatedly!

Personality changes: She becomes wilder yet calmer at the same time. Al her tendencies to hold back are replaced with unexpected playful yet serious thrashing once in combat. Tends to avoid sitting too long, due to the energy of wanting to exert a lot of stamina.

Image: In beast form she appears in a colorful baboon state, thou if looked at by an ordinary person or anyone in the eyes you might get a sense you're looking at a demon.
In Hihi state her hair stays black but grows a bit below her fingers, her changes into colors similar to her homeworld Kameran but as well gains colorful features similar to a baboon (hence the name great baboon). Her face extends scars below her eyes which burn light blue and her eyes envelope in black and pierce gold thru her iris. She gains a tail similar to a baboons (which replaces her lost tail) that usually flicks her uncontrollably due to her high stamina outage. Once she deforms her tail retracts back into her body.
Her height increases 1ft higher than her normal size and she gains fur on her all over her body except her rear. The fur is thicker than it appears and usually stays low unless angered, then it stands up making her look buffer.

Things to note: She is the only Saiyan/Kameranian able to reach this unknown state due to an accident before during her development before  birth. This form can be accessed anytime even without Ki! There are exactly 3 stages too this form, each stage is brought out in her mood rather than appearance. She can be mistaken as a demon due to the dark nature the form permits. HiHi mode makes her unpredictable yet calm, so once she is ticked off her opponent has no chance of mercy or reasoning with her.

Sonamy Horse ...More to Come!
Street Fighter Artwork coming soon!
After update with Sarena I'll be expanding my gallery. Updates will include new folder for these fan works:

Street Fighter
Kill La Kill

Ok guys BIG surprise! I will be unveiling Sarena-San's curse form the Great HiHi Transformation later, but here's my reason. Goku has Super Saiyan God state and I realized her form contradicted his be making her pure evil and unpredictable so much so that something awful happens once she achieves this form.

Some probably are going to debunk my idea for this but I PROMISE it will make sense, oh and don't expect it to be similar to super saiyan forms because its not genetic to Saiyans-it was a hidden plague that will finally break free!
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Hola and Salutations! This is Jamie Dee otherwise known as J-Birdsprings coming to you with some hype that is WELL DESERVED! First, I'd like to say WHOOT for the week release of Dragon Ball Xenoverse which has been released since the 8th of Feb in Japan, recently the 22nd of Feb in North America on Consoles Next Gen Xbox One and PS4, and coming in 2 days to PC Steam and last gen consoles!

Ok, now let's get to the other hype-How to find "our" top players or supporters o the community and how You can join the growing list! First, buy Dragon Ball Xenoverse. Second, make your original character, but before you confirm it:

1.) Type in your name! ex. USERNAME
2.) add(score under-->) _ after your name with the words tshot! ex. BaileyJ_tshot

It doesn't have to be on every character, but this gets the word out on who's who as far as TOP supporters of Dragon Ball is concerned-basically the true community or familia if you will.
This process will be going on for the rest of the time Dragon Ball Xenoverse is live, so feel free to do this anytime you feel you're ready. Its not mandatory, just good clean fun and a way to join together our players in the DragonBall Community! If you don't want to be apart thats ok, you'll still be considered a supporter (cause you freak'n bought the game <hug>)! So, without further adue Dragon Ball Supporters alike here my call-give me your energy and let's save them all-SEE YOU IN GAME!

If you wish to find me in-game I will be on Steam (PC). I will post my user name followed by ( _tshot) here so you guys will be able to play with me. Let's enjoy ourselves heroes, we've been supporting DBZ for this long, let's not stop now!Hatsune Miku-13 (Wink and Heart) 

Shadow For Better info visit [link]


J-BIRDSPRINGS's Profile Picture
James Victor Williamson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Name: James Victor Williamson

Nickname: Jamie Dee/or J-Bird

Age: Born Feb.22 1995 (I'll let you calculate)

Sex: Male

Height: 6' 2in

Style of Art preferred: Any as long as I can make it out

Style used: Comic/ Digital/ Traditional/ Anime

Hobbies: Art/ photography/ music/ martial arts

Interests: God, Girls, Glory

Likes: Anything blue, water, wind, girls, cosplay, games, cereal

Dislikes: rudeness, cold, losing, break-ups, being sick

Quotes: "Mmm yeah..." , "whatever happens happens", "I'll do my best", "sway", "stoked",


Hi or Sup, names' James Williamson but if you don't know me call me Jamie or Dee, and even if you do calling me James or Jamie won't kill you (ya dig). I enjoy Asian stuff so Anime etc. is my thing,, now don't get it twisted I'm one foot there and everything else here so music, girls, other things is so in my portfolio, so if you like to bang music I'm cool with that too, you like to act bad, just keep it to a point, I'm not one to slander my record, which is clean so I'd like to keep it that way.

BE REAL WHEN YOU MEET ME, TLK TO ME, OR TEXT ME, NO FAKERS PLEEEAASE!!!! I will ignore or altogether block dissrespect. If you wanna know anything else that isn't written or known then ask me, like seriously if you ask a stupid question though, expect a really sarcastic answer

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